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Arsenal Fans should not disregard Olivier Giroud despite arrival of Lacazette


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Arsenal Fans should not disregard Olivier Giroud despite arrival of Lacazette

The Gooners are going so frenzy with arrival of Alexandre Lacazette that they are just forgetting the importance of French ace Olivier Giroud. Every now and then Giroud has hit hard his critics,showing them that he is still The Man and parallel with that he has been one of the core member of the squad,finding the net whenever the team need’s to score,Defending right till the end and holding the play soo that each member gets involved – Typically The Arsenal Play as we say.

But,With Lacazette joining the North-London side it looks like Either Giroud will be given the Bench Role or he will bid adieu to The Gunners.Olivier Giroud leaving Arsenal will be a setback as The Physicality and Arial Abilities Giroud provides will be important If Arsenal wants to contend for the Title next season.

If Giroud leaves,he will be regarded as One Of the Most Underrated Player played for The Football Club Arsenal.In 227 Appearances Giroud has netted 98 Goals and Cherry On The Cake is most of them were decisive goals which earned Arsenal The Valuable Three Points.


Giroud states that the rivalry is healthy and is something he has experienced at National Level with France,when he regularly gets the nod ahead of his companion Lacazette.

Giroud Said :

“Every year we have to deal with competition,even in the national team,It’s always nice to have players around you.We are different ( him and Lacazette ),we have different qualities, but it always helps you to step up and to be focused.”


It will certainly be a step back for Arsenal, If Olivier Giroud leaves despite Arrival of Lacazette.Therefore,Arsenal should look to find out some way to satisfy both the strikes ( Olivier Giroud and Alexandre Lacazette ) and challenge for the title. B’coz One Day One Works and Another way another and that’s what we call team work and that’s how we achieve our goals.Arsenal fans to stay back for Olivier Giroud and make him understand how important he is to the club and its road for glory.

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