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Lacazette speaks about ‘Playing alongside Giroud’



Lacazette speaks about ‘Playing alongside Giroud’

Sky Sports representative Thierry Henry spoke to Arsenal ace Alexandre Lacazette,and one of the highlight of this conversation about ‘Playing with Olivier Giroud’ below is the full interview relating to Lacazette speaking about his french mate:

Thierry Henry: When you signed for Arsenal, there was something that came straight to mind: I said to myself that you’re Olivier’s [Giroud] understudy for the national team. But at the moment, he’s behind you in the pecking order at club level. How is that for you? How does that affect discussions between yourselves and others? That happens at every club. It seems almost contradictory because it happens so rarely. How are you both coping with that and you personally?

Alexandre Lacazette: To be honest, I was surprised by the way Olivier welcomed me to the club. I was somewhat apprehensive because it isn’t always easy for a starter to step aside. He’s been really honest and has helped me at the club and in the city by giving me advice. We get on well and have a laugh together, so there’s no problem. The decision is down to the manager. It isn’t up to me. I think competition is healthy and if he gets the nod on the weekend, I wish him the best of luck, hope that he performs well and that we win the game. He always has something nice to say to me ahead of each game.

Thierry Henry: That’s good. I’m not the Arsenal manager, far from it – but do you think that you could play up front alongside Olivier?

Alexandre Lacazette: Yes, we can play together, especially because our games are very different. We can complement each other. We managed to do just that towards the end of the Leicester game when he came on and I tried to play my game in and around him. I think that we certainly can.

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