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Mesut Ozil Is Really Doubtful To Play For Arsenal Next Season


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Mesut Ozil Is Really Doubtful To Play For Arsenal Next Season

Mesut Ozil’s contract for Arsenal is going to be finish after this season and it is highly doubtful whether he will stay at Arsenal or join some other club. The German professional footballer had joined Arsenal in 2012-13 season from Real Madrid and he is going to be a free agent as soon as this season ends.

Arsenal club management have still not been able to convince Mesut Ozil to sign a new contract for Arsenal. Day by day his chance of staying in the club is decreasing. As Arsenal were not able to finish in the top four position in the League Table of Premier League last season, they are not playing in the Champions League this season. They are currently situated at the sixth position in the League Table with 19 Points in 11 matches so far in the Premier League. The chance of finishing in the top four in this season for Arsenal is not looking very secured.

Mesut Ozil, the star footballer wants to play in the biggest stage of European football. He had been strongly linked with Manchester United throughout the whole summer but somehow Arsene Wenger was able to retain the player for this season. But he might not be able to retain the player for the next season if Arsenal is not able to qualify for the Champions League.

Arsenal club management have now two options in hand either to keep the player for the whole season or to sell him in the January transfer window with a huge amount of transfer fee. Some sources are telling that Arsenal have fixed a £30 million price tag as the transfer fee of the player.

Reports are telling that Mesut Ozil will have two options in his hand in the upcoming transfer window. He could stay in the Premier League and join Manchester United. Jose Mourinho is really interested to sign the German star footballer. Some other sources are suggesting a shock move of Mesut Ozil to Atletico Madrid next season with two conditions. Firstly Atletico should qualify in the Champions League for next season and Griezmann should also stay in Atletico Madrid. If these two criteria’s are fulfilled, then Mesut Ozil might consider to go back to Madrid to play for the local rival of his former Club Real Madrid.

The news are also suggesting that Mesut Ozil has demanded the no 10 Jersey of Jack Wilshere to play for Arsenal in the next season. The German professional footballer played with Jersey no 10 in the colors of Real Madrid. He was given the 9 shirt after after joining Arsenal. But the player now wants the no 10 Jersey to increase his brand value for the future.


Former Arsenal Player Lee Dixon is really unhappy with the rumors of Ozil and Sanchez to leave the club and he has also suggested the players to leave the club if they wish.

‘We’d have just shown them the door. “If you don’t want to play, then go”. ‘That’s not changed.’

‘If a player doesn’t want to play for you: it happened with Michael Thomas 18 months after he scored (the title-winning goal against Liverpool) in ’89, he was in dispute with the club or George about money. He ended up going in similar circumstances and signing with Liverpool.”

‘It’s no different. If a player doesn’t want to stay somewhere, yes, agents and players manipulate situations – and clubs do, in order to get the best deal for the parties concerned – but in general, if you don’t want to go there, and you don’t want to stay, then you will be ousted from the environment and dressing room pretty quickly.

‘Players work out whether you want to be there or not, and certainly fans do when they see your performances on the pitch.’, Dixon said.

Mesut Ozil has suggested that he has been concentrating in his game at this moment but he is not sure about his future.

“I’m happy here but don’t know what the future holds” sound byte that everyone gives. It means absolutely nothing, in case you can’t tell. That’s not the statement that I am talking about though.”

“I generally don’t assess my own games,” while talking about how he doesn’t listen to criticism and that Arsene Wenger’s opinion is the only that matters.”

‘Obviously people are going to write and speculate. But I am 100 per cent an Arsenal player,’ the former Real Madrid playmaker said.

‘I want to perform here and have fun here.’

‘I’m enjoying my time here but I can’t say what will happen in the future.’

“Having high expectations on one hand is an honour because it shows people exactly what I can do and what I am.”

‘On the other hand, it’s of no interest to me. As I’ve said in the past, what’s most important to me is what the coach thinks.’, Ozil added.

So there’s a lot of speculations going on about Mesut Ozil’s future and it is surely going to be a very interesting winter transfer window for Arsenal fans to watch the whole situation.

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