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Mesut Ozil receives boost in FIFA SCREAM TEAM


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Mesut Ozil receives boost in FIFA SCREAM TEAM

Mesut Ozil, the Arsenal star player has been boosted in the ‘FIFA Scream Team’ card to be played on Halloween. Mesut Ozil was selected as one of the players of that 23 man squad to be boosted for this special occasion. The players will be available with this special boost pack from 20th October to 29th October. They will make their first appearance on during the Halloween period between 29th October to 1st November and will be disappeared again. These boosts for the players are temporary and will be available on this Halloween.

Mesut Ozil has an overall rating of 89 in FIFA 18. He is a recognized central attacking midfielder for Arsenal. His pace is rated 71, shooting accuracy is 74, passing ability is 87, defensive quality is 24 and his physicality is rated 58 in the original card of FIFA 18.

In this Halloween card, Mesut has been boosted to 93. His pace is now rated 80, shooting accuracy is also 80, passing ability is 89, defensive quality is 25, dribbling ability is 88 and his physicality is rated 82 in this FIFA Scream Team Card coming this Halloween.


This boosts are not available throughout the whole season. These types of boosts come and go in special occasions. These boosts will make the players more terrifying during the period of Halloween. They will be available in packs from 20th October to 29th October.

Southampton’s goalkeeper Forster, Manchester City’s central back Kompany, Juventus’ central midfielder Khedira, Bayer Leverkusen’s central defensive midfielder Bender, Lyon’s winger Depay, Inter’s central attacking midfielder Perisic, Atletico Madrid’s left winger Carassaco, Bayern Munich’s left winger Ribery, Real Madrid’s central forward Benzema all made the list of the 23 man squad with Mesut Ozil of Arsenal.

But this players will go to the initial ratings after the Halloween period ends. Then we have to wait for another boost coming in some point of the season. The ‘ Ultimate Scream Team’ players are also tradeable from the period of 20th October to 29th October. These players can also be used in the Champions League and Weekend League also in the Halloween period but one thing we have to keep in mind that this players will return to their initial upgraded rating after 1st November. Then future boost periods will be announced closer to their beginning time.

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