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Time up Theo?

Theo Walcott is one of the most established and Arsenal hearted player in the roster at the time. Not taking anything away from him, he has been superb for The Gunners over the years. His pace was unmatchable at a certain point of time in the Premier League, but after that long term injury against Tottenham Hotspur in 2013-14 ruling him out for atleast half of the year with ruptured anterior cruciate ligament of his left knee – he just hasn’t looked the same.

It been a while since he has overcome the injury vows and got back to establish himself in the squad. But, to be honest he lost his magic over the course.

At the beginning of 2016-17 campaign, it did look like he was ruffling opposition defence – though that didn’t last long enough for fans to believe in his abilities.

With Alexis Sanchez and Alex Oxlade Chamberlain playing at wings until last season, Theo Walcott had to scramble for his chances.

And consequently with Arsene Wenger adapting to back three, there is no where that Walcott would fit to improve the elements.

Arsenal legend Ian Wright was quoted insisting Theo Walcott to leave Arsenal.


This doesn’t phase anyone anymore, as with lack of chances under his badge as well as donning the capability only of an ‘average’ player as of now – it won’t really matter for Arsenal fans if he bids adieu.

Theo Walcott has netted 107 goals in about 388 appearances. He is charging for that 400th appearance in Red and White. Numbers speak for themselves, he is one of the players that Arsenal should keep hold and let him retire at Emirates.

He is someone who has rubbed shoulders with all club greats and is even respected by everyone in and out of the pitch.

He is still fan favourite and as an Arsenal supporter – you would want to keep him (even though he plays little) because Theo James Walcott has established himself in fans hearts. Fans do want big names playing for their club, but they even want the boys who love Arsenal wholeheartedly to stay put.

But, lets just get real here –
With age of twenty-eight and not having enough chances to play, let’s for a moment think about his career :
Gooners are demanding signing of ‘big name’ winger viz. Riyad Mahrez or Thomas Lemar, playing chances of Walcott doesn’t alter and stays the same. This is his peak age and would have only another four years at his best.

For an Arsenal supporter, he has to stay at Arsenal but getting real he has to go for his own sake.

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