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Mr. Wenger its time to ‘Wake Up’ !


Premier League

Mr. Wenger its time to ‘Wake Up’ !

Another ‘hurtful’ performance from Arsenal. Watford clinch hard fought ‘three points’, as their remarkable run of scoring late goals continues.

But ‘this time’ it’s something special they have defeated one of the European giants.

First of all, Wake up Wenger. Swallow your pride then losing points.

Everyone knows that Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez are going to depart shortly, and atleast with these type of performances they are surely gone.

But, before they go – Arsenal should try to take as much as they can.

Because as it stands now, take Ozil and Sanchez out of Arsenal and we are a mid-table team.


Alexis Sanchez plays ’90 minutes’ for Chile some days back and looked fully fit. But, he arrives back to Arsenal and is ‘declared injured’. Seriously, are you kidding me?

Mesut Ozil- rested for Germany. Recovered for couple of weeks from his injury and was ‘fully fit’ but was benched.

You cannot argue that Mesut Ozil missed an excellent chance to seal the deal at Vicarage Road, but tiredly kicked the ball to keeper. But, missing one goal can create as much difference as ‘creating three’ coming on as a substitute.


Nothing to take away from Watford, they deserved this. They controlled the game in the second half and left Arsenal on the back foot.

Richarlison was one of the exciting performers who showed his quality. Certainly a ‘pure talent. He is someone who kept fans off their seats when he got the ball.

Tom Cleverly – the man on scoresheet at the edge of the match. He was one of the bright sides of Watford throughout the match.

But on a point it seemed –

Marco Silva change the things up,

Arsene Wenger stood there and watched him.

No counter actions.

Arsenal have only took ‘one’ point away this season. As with the three points Watford sit comfortably in the ‘fourth position’.

Congratulations Watford !

And Gooner’s like me, another normal day lads.


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