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Congratulation Olivier Giroud, You have our respect !


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Congratulation Olivier Giroud, You have our respect !

We should not only have an eye on the brilliant run Arsenal are in’ but also on the score-sheet, because when Arsenal celebrating their victory over BATE in Barysaw, Olivier Giroud celebrated his 100th Goal for Arsenal.

The French front-man Olivier Giroud nets his hundredth following his arrival to Premier League club Arsenal on 26th June, 2012. The Gunners bought Giroud on a long-term contract for a fee of around £12 million. The French international was given number 12 jersey.

It’s been five years with Arsenal F.C. but today Olivier Giroud finally puts his name for 100th time in score-sheet for his side. The 30-year-old made his debut on 18th August 2012 as a substitute against Sunderland in the Premier league and scored his first goal for his side on 26th September 2012 in a 6-1 win against Coventry City in the League Cup.

Arsenal ace Olivier Giroud may not have been in the eyes of the fans and has been continuously taking the bullets for every minute mistakes the squad makes. But certainly this guy is under recognized, every damn time he has come on top of his critics and proved them wrong.

What makes him Dangerous?

Olivier Giroud is one of the most physical player in the Premier League. He is one of the ‘traditional striker’, whose existence in this modern game. Olivier Giroud’s aerial ability is something extraordinary, he can get you goals not only from the ground but also from above the ground. He is a continuous threat on the goal. Giroud is someone who involves all the players into the game, somebody who takes control of ‘How the Game works at the high end of the pitch’. And his one touches and absolutely mind blowing passes are his another green attributes.

He joins the elite list of players at North London with only 19 other players achieving the feat which Giroud has under his belt now. Well deserved Olivier Giroud make his mark in history.

Giroud converted a penalty in 49′ minute of the fixture to give Arsenal lead of 4-1 and celebrate his century.

Congratulation Olivier Giroud, You have our respect !

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