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We’ve got MESUT OZIL



We’ve got MESUT OZIL

Mesut Ozil has been a constant scapegoat at Arsenal and has being constantly criticised for every bad performance Arsenal gives. We have not only seen fans but also pundits pinpointing Mesut Ozil for particularly every move he makes.

But, What we don’t appreciate is, how important he has been for Arsenal. Mesut is one of the key players in the current squad. He is never appreciated for his efforts.

Mesut Ozil is technical and creative player. Also, he is an exceptional playmaker “Perfect No.10” I’ll say. His passes and touches can beat any player easily and this guy at his best is a “Beast of Creation”.

Arsenal did not have any big name signing in long time and that is when Mesut Ozil chose to Sign for Arsenal. When Arsenal was out of Star players, apparently the name of Mesut Ozil popped up. And the best thing about this move for An Arsenal fan is,”He chose Arsenal,when the club were in crisis“. Arsenal had Jack Wilshere coming up the ranks in the role which Mesut Ozil performs now,but the German International is an upgrade to Jack or any other midfielder which Arsenal had.

Many times we have seen the passes by Mesut which a normal professional cannot think about at that particular moment. His vision for passes is his huge attribute, his movement along the ball, accurate passes and ability of creating chances in the last half of this pitch makes him an Important player not only for Arsenal but also for Germany.

Ozil is regarded as “Assist King” by people around the globe.


Former Real Madrid midfielder who was also his teammate during his time at Madrid Xabi Alonso described Ozil as “the kind of player you don’t find these days, He understands the game, sees things, combines and thrives between the lines, unlocking teams.”

German great Phillip Lahm narrated Ozil as “His vision is probably the best I have ever seen. He is a dream for strikers.”

During his time at Madrid Ozil was nicknamed as “Nemo” referring him to character from Pixar’s Movie “Finding Nemo”.

Assistant Coach of German National Team Hans-Dieter Flick regarded Ozil as “We are proud to have him in our team. When he has the ball, you can feel the excitement and astonishment among the fans.”

He is often described as “technically perfect having great imagination”.

In his first season at Real Madrid Mesut Ozil assisted 25 goals, highest by any player in Europe(major competitions). He was also Short-Listed for Ballon D’or for the following campaign.

Mesut Ozil’s first Interview as an Arsenal Player back in 2013 after completing his switch from Real Madrid to Arsenal made him “Most Expensive German Player Of All Time”.

Özil said of the transfer, “At the weekend, I was certain I would stay at Real Madrid but afterwards I realised I did not have the faith from the coach or the bosses. I am a player who needs this faith and that is what I have felt from Arsenal, which is why I have joined.”

“I would have come here for free, that wouldn’t have been a problem.”

“When I spoke to Arsène Wenger on the phone, he was full of respect, and player, I need That.”

mesut OzilMesut Ozil was slammed by media after his first season at Arsenal where he netted Seven Goals and Assisted 13. This was some wonder number for a regular player but media’s expectations were too high from the name “Mesut Ozil”.

And since the first season Ozil is stamped as patsy by the media in London.

Despite of the criticism, we cannot ignore the fact that, since 2013-14 no one has more assists, created chances, Successful crosses and completed passes in the final-third than Mesut Ozil in the Premier League.

He has established himself as one of the key individual in the squad. Mesut Ozil is someone who just needs a moment of time to make an impression. He is someone who can flip a game in seconds and beat players with some magnificent touches.

With Santiago Cazorla injured for most of the last two years, Mesut has took the charge going forward. Santi is someone who can easily skill out a player and so has Mesut proven to be. And since the arrival of Alexis Sanchez the duo have certainly made a concrete name in the hearts of supporters. Those passes from Mesut Ozil and those finishes from Alexis Sanchez is filled with pleasure to watch. And not only Alexis Sanchez, but also Olivier Giroud has proven to be essential to get those “Perfect” balls into the net.


Mesut Ozil have worked well on the attacking side of the play but has failed to make his mark defensively. But,He is an attacking midfielder and it’s not his cup of tea to work defence every time, Yet he tries to and its secondary whether it’s successful or not from an CAM.

Mesut is one of the Best ‘Number10’ in the game as of now,and he indirectly benefits the team. The Pundits have criticised him from his mistakes but they won’t disagree on the quality Mesut possesses. He is one of the player which perfectly suits ‘The Arsene’ way of play. Keeping Possession and making those chances in the final third with perfect passes and feather touches is what ‘Arsene Wenger’ demands, and if we look on the broad view that is what Ozil provides.


If Ozil leaves Arsenal, they will struggle to establish attack. Ozil is the base of almost every goal attempt that Arsenal makes. He would be involved either with his movements or with his passing but every way Arsenal got someone who can decide ‘The Particulars of Attack’ which even the best teams around the globe struggle to find.

The fans my throw bullets at this guy when he makes mistakes but they will know his importance once he leaves.

Arsenal have signed Alexandre Lacazette this summer, who is a deadly striker. Arsenal fans will be exited on how the on-field story of Mesut Ozil and Lacazette will build. With Granit Xhaka being involved in the defensive side of the game, Mesut Ozil will have an opportunity to prove his worth going forward.

Recently Mesut celebrated his Fourth year anniversary with Arsenal,and unlike many players he posted a long text on “How he feel’s at Arsenal”. This is what Mesut posted on Facebook :

After loads of speculations, Mesut Ozil extended his stay with Arsenal and took fans into frenzy. Mesut Ozil will be the ‘main man’ at Arsenal and certainly one if the best in the world.

Mesut Ozil ! Mesut Ozil !
I don’t think you understand,
He is Arsene Wenger’s man,
He is better than Zidane,

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