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Mkhitaryan: It’s a pleasure to play alongside Mesut Ozil


Europa League

Mkhitaryan: It’s a pleasure to play alongside Mesut Ozil

Henrikh Mkhitaryan scored his first goal for Arsenal in 0-2 victory against AC Milan at San Siro. Arsenal’s February Player of the month was also named Man of the Match for the Leg 1 after showcasing an impressive performance not only offensively but also defensively.

This was even Henrikh Mkhitaryan’s first goal in the Europa League after last season’s Finale goal for Manchester United.

Below is Mkhitaryan’s interview with Vivaro news transcript-ed in full:

Q: Congratulations for the first goal. What impressions are you having from the match?

MICKI: Very good impressions, especially in the first half, when we managed to get 2 goal-advantage. Maybe we were not as concentrated for the second half, and couldn’t play the football we wanted, but it is important that we won 2-0 and got an advantage before second leg.

Q: Your first goal in MU was in Europa League, and you eventually won it. Are there any coincidences with current situation?

MICKI: (Laughing) There’s still a long way to the final and a lot of games to play, we should concentrate on every match.

Q: Everyone in Armenia is concerned with your convenience in Arsenal, What comparisons can you bring with MU?

MICKI: It’s still too early to make any comparisons with Manchester United, but I can say that I feel comfortable, the atmosphere is good, the team is good and guys are good. Relations with everyone are great. I am fully concentrated on football and I want to help Arsenal.

Q:How you and Ozil play together? Can two number 10s play with each other? You mentioned during one of you interviews and Arsene Wenger also said that it is possible.

MICKI: Yes, everyone is asking about that, but why not? This is not the first time that two number 10s play together. It’s just a pleasure to play alongside such player like Mesut Ozil, because everyone knows that he is a world-class player. If I’m not mistaken, he provided two assists for first and second goals. Why not? He can assist me, and I can assist him either.

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