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Aaron Ramsey: A knight in shining armour



Aaron Ramsey: A knight in shining armour

Aaron Ramsey have been purely classic for Arsenal this season. The balance between his offensive and defensive side being upgraded this season have made him a perfect ‘box to box midfielder’ and absolute beast for the Gunners.

Everyone at North London are busy talking about likes of Alexandre Lacazette, Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil but its time to realise that performance of Aaron Ramsey is actually making the difference.

After commencement of transfer window this summer, many Arsenal supporters and pundits fulminated against Arsene Wenger for lack of signing a midfielder.


With Santi Cazorla sidelined for basically around the clock, Arsenal have suffered not only in making that space from heart of the park but also to give away ground for opponents to fire.

“Worry No More!” – Once again brilliance as well as belief in his players, Arsene Wenger got it right.

Aaron Ramsey came to rescue. He is been performing like better of the bests in the business around the globe.

Back in 2008, Arsene Wenger described Aaron Ramsey as –
“a player with a fantastic engine, good build, good technique and good vision”.

We have come a long way after those nine years and right now the Welsh International have proved himself and is recognised around the globe.

Ramsey is highly criticised due to his over-commitments in attacks. Many times when he was playing as a defensive midfielder you could see him near oppositions penalty area. And Arsenal have without a doubt paid price for his lack of defensive commitment.

At the moment, we can clearly see how he has transformed himself into a beast this season. He not only times his runs perfectly but also stands tall in-front of defenders when opportunity knocks. The balance which he has created this season between going forward and staying back has vital role to play in Arsenal’s superb performance this season.

In 2013-14 campaign, Aaron Ramsey was named Arsenal’s player of the season. With being an hell of a technician and beast runner he would defend, attack and score goals. What more do you want? He is a only midfielder.

But the story starts after 2013-14, Ramsey is linked with a move away from Emirates. All the European giants looking for his duties, most notably Spanish giants FC Barcelona. Every other day you read different Club approaching him. Yet, Ramsey is an Arsenal man.


Proven Quality of Aaron Ramsey:

1. He was named Wales National Team captain at the age of 20 years and 90 days.
2. In November 2013, Aaron Ramsey was rubbing shoulders with Manchester City’s Yaya Toure for being the best central midfielder in Premier League.
3. Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard in 2015 tagged Ramsey as “The best attacking central midfielder of Premier League”.
4. Aaron Ramsey was the ‘King of Assists’ in Euro 2016 with 4 assists.
5. Named as Welsh Young Player of the year for two consecutive years: 2009,2010.


What makes Aaron Ramsey dangerous?

Aaron Ramsey is a box-to-box midfielder who like to cut in and lay off. His strength is his speed and eye for through passes. He is someone who can control the pace of the game, holding and passing the ball. Certainly a beast on offensive abilities and understanding the game genuinely.

In the words of Arsenal official website, “a mixture of tireless energy, strong technique, tigerish tackling and quick transitions”.


Many regard him to become future captain for Arsenal. With Jack Wilshere, another potential competitor for having that ‘skipper’ tag and band- future in midfield for Arsenal looks bright.

But due to consecutive injuries to Jack Wilshere, the opportunity for Aaron Ramsey to shine increased incredibly and this guy took better of it.

With Wilshere back in contention, and potential departure of Mesut Özil at end of this season – it will be interesting to look out for performance of duo of Ramsey and Wilshere.

As we already know the heap of praise from former England skipper Steven Gerrard towards Aaron Ramsey, but many believe Ramsey has as been as influential on this Arsenal team as Steven Gerrard at his time at Liverpool.

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